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DTF Samples

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Try it, Love it!

Stretchable and durable

Vibrant colors and opaque white

Soft hand feel

Hot/cold peel

Adhere on virtually any fabric

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how to press



Pre-pressing the fabric prior to transfer will removes the wrinkles and the moisture from the fabric and helps in a successful transfer of the printed image from the film onto the fabric.

  • Time: 5-10 seconds
  • Cotton: 300-320ºF
  • Polyester: 260ºF
  • Nylon: 220ºF



Place the transfer face up (white/adhesive side down) on the pre-pressed fabric and press.

  • Time: 12-15 seconds
  • Cotton: 300-320ºF
  • Polyester: 260ºF
  • Nylon: 220ºF


cold peel

Let the adhesive set into the fabric by allowing the film to completely cool down, then separate the film from the fabric, leaving the transferred image on the fabric.

PRO TIP: Slightly rub the transfer face down against a clean and cool flat surface like a table or a desk to dissipate the heat faster.



Post-pressing is highly recommended for best results and performance of the transfer such as wash and rub fastness.

  • Time: 5-10 seconds
  • Cotton: 300-320ºF
  • Polyester: 260ºF
  • Nylon: 220ºF

Step 1, 2, 4: Use kraft or parchment paper to protect both the heat-press and the fabric from getting dirty.

Step 1, 2, 4: Always dress the apparel to the platen of the press to avoid wrinkles to transfer from one side of the fabric to the other.

Step 4: Kraft or parchment paper will remove the gloss from the transferred image and help to blend it with the low sheen of the fabric.